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Meet the Chefs

Here at Pixel Kitchen, we have two chefs working hard on their next concoction.  Right now, one is trying to figure out the microwave while the other just drank coffee creamer as milk, so let's meet these delightful fellows.

In the east corner doing finger squats, the one that sports sweet-looking, plaid boxer-shorts, the jingle with the tingle, the mailer with the daemon, the dot in the dot-org, the "werd to big bird", and simply-put, the calves-man himself, DK!

In the other east cor...  what the hell?  Who wrote this?  We've got two east corners?  That's not right, someone screwed up.  You couldn't simply write west corner?  What's the matter with you?  Alright fine, I'll read it as it is... quit poking me, you... you... uhh... fathead!  And no, I don't smell it!  Stop saying that already!

In the other east corner, the Jer with the hair, Jerry!   
- profile currently unavailable -

All that nonsense for that intro?  I need a new job...