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Profile  |  DK

name    David Kuo
age    18
location    NYC
experience    4 years

It's my friend's BB gun.  It shoots yellow pellets at 0.75 joules.  It didn't seem like much, so one day, I decided to be a man and test its power.  Boy was I a stupid man that day.  I shot my large, left calf at point-blank range, dropped the gun, and then dropped to the ground in pain.  I was down for a good minute.  A tear almost came out of one of my eyes, but I was able to hold  it in.  Dry-eye-allergy season and the presence of females closed off the dam.  Lesson learned: guns hurt.

As for art, all I'm doing now is placing a bunch of old images on top of each other with different blending effects.  Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't.  In creating these images, I used a lot of the "Distort > Wave" filter in order to achieve the right effects.  Again, I blend copies upon copies of these wavy images until it looks terrible, then I just go crazy with the Ctrl+Z.  

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